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My clients are also running small businesses or "companies of one" and some are just starting out on their journey. Over the first few years of my business I used allll the systems and have gradually whittled it down to a handful that I LOVE. If you're new to business systems and tools, I can't stress how helpful it it to have a startegy around your systems and the tech tools you choose to use. So much money and time is wasted picking the tech before deciding your strategy!

NOTE: Some of the links below are affiliate links (meaning I may get a small commission if you decide to use them too), but they never cost you any extra and I only recommend tried and tested tools that I love (and work with in the tech side of my busines)


Need some help with your systems & tech?

Head on over to my Business & Systems VIP Strategy Session page where where we can throw it all on the table and create a strategy for the systems in your business. No more panic buying apps or subscriptions ever again! Or you could head over to take a look at possibly the best email marketing package ever (but I'm biased). Nail your email marketing and welcome sequences once and for all!


sending beautiful emails

For an incredibly easy to use platform to send beautiful emails to your community, Flodesk is the best I have found by far (and a startup by women!). Get 30 days free and 50% off for life below.

50% off flodesk



To create a human-first, friendly but slick experience for your clients my answer is Dubsado. First 3 clients free and get 20% off your first month or whole year below. It's my go-to CRM for clients.

20% off dubsado



Acuity is a brilliant and simple place to start when you book clients in your business. There used to be a free plan but now $15USD a month but slick and easy when you're starting out.

client bookings



Trello has simply been a life-saver for me! I have tried ALL the ways of organising my life and my work, lists, software, notes apps, your name it and keep coming back. I bloody love Trello and use it daily!

organise your biz


fabulous business graphics

I've been a Canva user since the get-go and I love it just as much now as I did in 2015! Easily customisable templates, upload your brand fonts and images and so flippin easy to use. 100% recommend.

get creating now



I started my business using Skype but soon discovered that Zoom was easier to use, more reliable, has the ability to (easily) record calls and is great for group calls. I haven't looked back since.

a must for clients


for day-to-day my biz apps

Not only does G-Suite host my email domain, I also get the full suite of Google cloud-based apps and 1TB of Google Drive storage. I couldn't be without these apps now and would pick over Dropbox.

essential biz tools

Office 365

when only office will do

Yes I can't help myself, I've been a Microsoft Office user for soooo long (I even taught it years ago), that I can't let it go. Google Docs are brill but sometimes you need something more complex.

BECAUSE, office!

luxury biz stationery

I love, their stationery quality is without doubt the best around for an "off-the-shelf solution. I especially like them for those extra touches like stickers and branded envelopes.

up-level your vibe


I blooming love and use them for my journals that I gift to all clients when they decide to take the plunge and work with me. From customised photo journals to gorgeous patterns, they are divine.



easy as you like websites

I came across Showit after using Squarespace and Wordpress and I bloomin love it! If you're a happy user of desktop programs likes Word and PowerPoint then you're going to love it too.

peasy websites 

awesome social sharing


I have ebbed and flowed with social media planning. One minute I want to do it spontaneously, other times I am all over the scheduling, If you are going to schedule any aspect of your socials, Planoly is your friend!

schedule socials


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