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My clients are disobedient business owners, often "companies of one", some are more established and some are just starting out on their journey. Over the first few years of my business I used a ton of systems, bought a ton of services and worked with a ton of people. I've gradually whittled it down to a handful that I LOVE.

If you're new to business systems and tools side of things, I can't stress enough how helpful it it to have a strategy around your systems and the tech tools you choose to use. So much money and time is wasted picking the tech before deciding your strategy (and this goes even if you're at Day One as you can map out the strategy and then the tools fit into that strategy even if you do everything manually out of the gate)

Some of the links below are affiliate links (meaning I may get a small commission if you decide to use them too), but they never cost you any more and I only recommend things that I have personal experience of.


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On the subject of affiliate links - I am a big believer in "if one of us wins we all win" so I offer "Disobedient Credit" with some things below. Keep an eye out for the piggies to see where credit is available. Disobedient Credit is simply free "thank you" cash that you can spend on anything in my business up to 1 year after purchasing 😍🔥



An easy to use platform to send beautiful emails to your community, Flodesk is the best I have found so far (and a startup by women!) and will surely do the first 5+ years in your business. Get 30 days free and 50% off for your first year below.

50% off flodesk


I signed up for Thrivecart early in 2021 and I bloody LOVE it. So much so I have ditched Dubsado (great but soooo not user-friendly) and at Parfait Ventures we now use Thrivecart to take payment for one-to-one clients, for courses, the mastermind - for everything!

take payments


The course, workshop and "hub" platform I use to host all my resources and courses for both clients and for the Disobedient Business Mastermind. Simple to use, visually very pleasing and zero extra or hidden fees. Comes free for life with WAIM (see below).

host your course


I have tried ALLLL the project and task management tools. Trello, (too simple), Asana (too limited), Notion (don't start me off, I'll rant) and pad and pencil (still use that alongside Clickup). I like Clickup as it can be as complex or as simple as you like with multiple views.

Awesome orgs


Because Zapier is the "multi-tool" all good builders have in their back pocket that can fix 'the thing", whatever the thing may be. Link X software with Y software and automate your client journeys and business systems and processes. I couldn't live without it.



I used to use WhatsApp for client chats but the line between home and work can get very blurred. Enter Voxer because kind but strong boundaries are good. A walkie-talkie style app, great for text and voice notes (and for daily GIF giving of course).

client chats



I love Showit as it's 100% designed for "Microsoft users" who just want to drag and drop!



I'm a coach, of course I use Zoom, I have a premium subscription for group programmes.



I moved to Xero for accounting in 2021/2 and it has been genius and I now LOVE doing my accounts!



Do pretty much anything to a PDF. It's awesome and I pay the annual fee happily as it's so helpful.

pdf tools


Annoyingly, SmallPDF doesn't do one thing - add links to a PDF! PDFEscape does this a treat.

add links to pdfs


Acuity Scheduling is a simple place to start when you need to enable folks to book sessions with you.

book calls here


I won't deny it, as a lifelong MS user, I'm a Googs convert. I still use the MS apps though 🤫.

because, g-suite!


Because, let's face it, anything is better than PayPal! I refuse to use PayPal and Stripe is great!

say no to paypal


Easy design software for socials and your website (and for when you need to lose hours of your life!)

lose hours here

The Contract Shop

The best place to get contract templates for your business. Whether your need website T&Cs, a Privacy Policy, a Services Agreement/Contract or more, the Contract Shop has you covered. Certainly not the cheapest but properly constructed contracts don't come cheap (and I'd suggest nor should they if you want them to work!!).


BASIL & BARK canva

Basil & Bark provide fab "done for you" templates for Canva for all sorts of things. PDFs, social media, presentation slides, mockups, lead magnets, course layouts and so much more. Simple to use, easy to add your own branding, they're a no-brainer if you don't want to spend millions on designers and just want it done already!



If you love the idea of sending client gifts, especially ones you can personalise, Papier might be for you. Lush journals and cards with a gorgeous luxury feel, these make fantastic client gifts (I have sure sent some over the years but print my own now). A great price for a client gift that clients will love!

gorgeous client journals

I bounce about when it comes to printing stationery and I  now use a UK printer to print my own custom journals and also to print sustainable stickers and tape, buttt, I come back to all the time for quick, easy and good quality stationery in my business. Their card stock is just the ticket for custom cards and notes.

stationery awesomeness

Ruth Ridgeway

Ruth is a pal, an awesome human and design simple and spacious toolkits to do all sorts of stuff. From Creating Client Connections, Designing Your Own Journal and Simple and Spacious Business planning, it's all there for you. All Ruth's toolkits are also hosted on Teachery (which as you know above, I love hard!

grab your toolkits

lizzy goddard

I've been in Lizzy's orbit on and off since 2017 when I grabbed her Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing course. At the time of writing, I'm also about to start 3-months in her Profitable Playground and I'm excited to see what's what. Lizzy creates "just done" courses and solutions and the ever popular "PLT" (Profitable Live Trainings).

Check lizzy out


Wandering Aimfully is an interesting one. I will be upfront here and say the primary reason I joined is because Jason and Caroline also give away lifetime Teachery access with it (well worth it for that alone). If you're looking for a pretty broad and fun group coaching experience, it's worth a look. Outside of launches you can cheekily join here.

Check waim out


I qualified and went on to become a Certified Coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy back in 2016 and wow, it was an experience and a half! So much so you can read all about it at the link below. All heart but also all badass, diverse and inclusive - it's the best place you can train to be a coach. By far.

Find out more about byca


Hey, I’m Pippa Parfait 👋🏼 , the OG Disobedient Business® Coach & Strategist by day and sofa-loving, Netflix-watching, PJ-wearing cat-servant by night. I help rebel business owners do things “disobediently”, chuck out the business BS rule book 🙅🏼‍♀️ and make good money doing it! I do this by supporting my clients to create integrity-packed business strategies that work for them, effective and achievable plans that don’t require them to sell their soul and human-centred systems to turn their raving 🐿 🐿 🐿 🐿 into a lush row of 🦆🦆🦆🦆. More than anything I am committed to deliberately fucking with the business status quo and being disobedient in the best possible ways!

Let's have a free virtual coffee as we're not all destined to be perfect for each other and I want to make sure I’m the right coach for you. FYI it's a bring your own coffee kinda deal.


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