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And while we're on the subject of human-centred businesses and putting our clients humanity first, maybe we can come up with a better phrase than "list building". Maybe...

And the icing on the email marketing cake is integration! Getting all the moving parts to play nicely together! Got the emails written and mastered the welcome sequence but can't quite get that form onto your website? And how to deliver that "freebie" to the lovely human signing up to be part of your community? Attach it to the email? Host it on your website? Create a link to who-knows-where? The mind boggles... 

making it all play nicely together!

It might be that you're a wordsmith and the copy is easy peasy lemon squeezy, but how about the tech and systems side? Does tech elicit a certain sense of 😱 or 🤢 or does it cause you to go running for the hills? I get it, so many of the folks we work with have no love for tech but we find a way to make it simple and doable.

The reality is that no matter what platform you choose for your email marketing there's a steep learning curve and a whole lotta tech to master. Sidebar: we use Flodesk as it's affordable, flexible, has no hidden extras or "perks" to buy and bonus for the win - the emails look awesome!

mastering the SYSTEMS & tech

Let me start off my saying that writing copy IS hard and finding your voice in your business is EVEN harder, but neither are impossible - and done is definitely better than perfect here as - plot twist - that's how you get good at it!

Before you go any further on this page, have you got a copy of my free Welcome Sequence Google Doc template yet? If not, that's 100% your first step as it walks you through the first 5-6 emails that you might include in your first welcome sequence and couldn't be simpler to use!

CREATING copy that connects

I truly believe the main reason we find this sooo hard is because it's the TRIFECTA of skillsets that so very rarely fit together in a nice neat human package and stretch us so very far beyond our comfort zones.

I realised not that long ago that there's a jolly good reason WHY this task feels so damn hard!

It doesn't matter whether you've been in business a year or two and or whether you're still in business nappies, you've definitely heard how important "building your email list* is", right?

And yet.. it always get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list as it's this amorphous blob of a task that you just can't quite grab hold of (annoying right as "eating the elephant" seems to work for most big tasks doesn't it!?). I can hard relate as it was probably two years into my business before I got a handle on this and I wish I'd done it sooner.




Know that you started the month with no system in place and ended it with the whole package you could be proud of!

Benefit from a personalised and simple to follow video walkthrough of your system to take away and use from day one.

Get all the techie bits done for you - domain CNAME verification, form integration on your website - a complete working system.

Have your email marketing software fully set up - the branding, email templates, welcome sequence, forms - the whole shebang!

Collaborate on a draft of your welcome sequence emails so that you have confidence that they will connect with your community.

Get eyes on your copy from an experienced business coach AND from a grammar nerd and wordsmith (two separate people).

imagine if you could...


The Done-for-you & Done-With-You email marketing Offer

This unique package is the TRIFECTA of support that combines COPY + TECH + INTEGRATIONS all into one handy bundle ready to support you in your email marketing. And in fact it's the quadfecta of support as it combines training too (who knew quadfecta was a word ?!?)

Start to finish in three weeks, this offer will take you from zero email marketing to complete base setup and automation in one pain-free experience (even if you hate tech and even if you believe you can't write copy for toffee).


** This offer is based on using Flodesk as your email marketing platform. Flodesk is a fabulous platform started a few years ago by a 100% woman-led team. It's an affordable monthly price point (and fully-featured at a single price point so no extras to pay for), simple to use and feature rich (and still growing and developing). It's a platform that I would recommend for any business in it's first 5 or so years.

A custom video tutorial walkthrough your new system, how to use it, how to tweak it and how to create more and more in the future. Full video training in all the basics that you need to go forward and share beautiful emails with your community.

Integration of up to two forms on your website. Please note that this will usually be possible with websites hosted on Squarespace, Showit and Wix, but there may be times where your website designer is needed to provide support here, especially with complex templates and/or Wordpress.

Creation of up to two branded email templates (possibly one for general emails and one for a specific package or offer) and up to two opt-in forms for your website (either full-page, timed pop-up or inline). Includes the setup of one welcome sequence of up to seven emails.

Set up Flodesk** system including adding brand identity, settings, community segmentation and verifying “sending email” and domain name by integrating “CNAME” records into your domain hosting provider (very helpful for sending rate success).

Feedback & copywriting collaboration on the draft of your welcome sequence including (1) Feedback and suggested tweaks; (2) Final proofreading and grammar and punctuation tweaks; (3) Suggestions of email subject lines, titles and tone.

Here's the nuts and bolts:

I'm ready to book my START DATE now!

Important FYIs
The WHAT and the WHEN of the project is super important and we would ask you to please make sure that all information requested comes back to us on time or this might delay the completion of your project and also impact projects for other clients.

All information will be shared and document collaboration will take place in a dedicated shared Google Drive folder. No data migration from other platforms is included in this package but can be provided on request. This package is based on two forms, two email template designs and one welcome sequence which is quite common when setting up an email marketing platform. If you need more, then the package price increases by £100 per extra form/segment/welcome sequence combination.

You will provide final sign-off in time for testing and training to start on the Monday of this week. We will complete any final checks and testing of all templates, sequences and forms and embed forms onto your website. We will record and supply a thorough handover training walkthrough video taking you through your system as well as your login details ready for you to start emailing your community.

Week Three


You provide a final draft for the final sequence by Monday of this week as well as feedback on all email templates and forms. We will do a final proofread and grammar/punctuation checks and set up final versions of forms, email templates and welcome sequences and send these to you for final sign-off. Please note it is not possible to substantially edit text again at this sign-off stage, this needs to be done in week 1 review, before the copy has been committed to Flodesk.

Week Two


You provide us with a draft of your welcome sequences on or before the project start date (from templates provided in advance). We will give you feedback/suggested copy tweaks on or before Thursday of this week. You will provide all previously requested brand information, login data and any access to domain hosts to facilitate verification of email domains etc on or before the project start date. We will do base system setup, domain verification and a draft of email and form templates and provide for feedback on or before Thursday.

week One


Our Flodesk projects have a very specific timeline, both for us and also for you. We provide all the necessary information requests, templates and guidance at least 2 weeks before the agreed project start date (start dates depend on availability - both yours and ours) and in order for the project to run smoothly and be delivered within the three weeks stated, we work to the timeline below.


Pippa is the OG Disobedient Business Strategist and Systems Coach by day and sofa-loving, Netflix-watching, PJ-wearing cat-servant by night. She helps disobedient business owners do things differently - THEIR way, chuck out the rule book and make money doing it! She does this by creating powerful business strategies, effective and achievable plans and crafting amazing client experiences through mapping 1:1 client journeys, systems strategy and implementing tech solutions. More than anything she is committed to f*cking with the business status quo and being disobedient in the best possible ways!