But there’s never enough time to spend a big chunk of it doing any of these, or when you DO carve some out, HOW long is TOO long to stare at a blank flip chart before you make another cup of tea and JUST go back to the to-do list?

Create the time and space to get really clear on your business strategy and direction for the next year that is dripping with your business-values and interlaced with a decent dose of business disobedience? You know, the type of strategy that brings in clients you genuinely adore but also makes you money!
Craft a 90-day plan that gets you excited to show up for your business every day, rather than overwhelmed and stuck doing all-the-busy-work?
Identify the core services that you will offer in your business and create a clear pathway of offerings that best serve your clients?
Map out your client or community journeys & systems that put humans first and at the centre of all that you do? No sausage factory over here my friend!
Create more time, more consistency and more space, while also building a better experience for your clients and your community?
Work on pricing, communicating what you do and who you do it for?
I mean, we could do literally anything (disclaimer: literally anything has limits 🤨😂)

in your business for a day?

WANT to go

All these are made possible when You take a step back and focus on what really matters in your business, make plans to do exactly THOSE things and put the systems and tech in place to make it happen!

Getting your 🦆🦆🦆 in a row in your business strategy, planning and systems (so if your business feels more like “squirrels raving”, stick around my friend, THIS OFFER IS FOR YOU!)

That your automated systems actually made your clients and community feel looked after, make your life easier and make your clients’ lives easier and more welcoming too.

Infusing all your personality and presence into your business and its systems, so much so that they feel warm and friendly while being professional and efficient at the same time!

Crafting a clear pathway of offerings for your clients to take them on a journey from just dipping their toe, getting to know your work better, deepening their work and all the way to mastery.

Putting a quarterly plan in place that means that you’re not CONSTANTLY rewriting your to-do list every Monday, but working on the things in your business that really matter.

Having a clear strategy and direction for your business that not only feels good, but is grounded in the intersection of what your clients need and want AND what you love to do!

Imagine for a moment if you will...

The Business & Systems VIP Strategy Session is where strategy + planning + systems + mindset + what you really really want for your business, get together and have a right old house party!

A half or full day strategy session (depending on your unique needs) where we meet and spread it all out on the table. Whether your focus is on strategy and planning, processes and systems or a juicy blend of “all of the above”, then look no further my friend, I’ve got you.

The Business & Systems VIP Strategy Session


BOOK your coffee date NOW

Well this rather depends on YOU and the goals you set for the session. Are you looking to create more time to do the work you love in the world and less time on emails, forms, calendars and invoices? Yep, we can nail that. Are you looking to create a smooth, professional "VIP-style" experience for your clients and community? Yep, we can crush that too. Are you looking to get really clear on your business strategy, offerings and create a plan to deliver EXACTLY that? Yep, you guessed, we'll knock that out of the park too!

This is one of those “the world is your lobster” kind of situations, we can make whatever you want to happen, HAPPEN. All in the name of simplifying your disobedient business so that you can serve your clients in the best way possible and make great money doing so. Let’s go big in your business my disobedient friend!

After our session you will receive a follow up from me and access to our shared Google Drive work area. Annnnd, so that this work has time and space to come to life, either 14 or 28 days of “after-party” support as well as collaboration in our shared drive, via email or Voxer on any dreams or schemes hatched from the day.

The After Party


It’s the BIG day and we’re going to get right into it. We will either meet on Zoom or in-person and put everything on the table (metaphorically or otherwise)! Expect to go deep and wide! This is all about laser-focus on what’s important and clear strategies, plans and solutions. All killer and no filler (that sounded way cooler in my head).

On The Day


Once we’ve chatted, if we’re “a go”, I will send you all my client welcome bits, including a questionnaire to help us prepare for the day and a link to my calendar to book in your 4-hour (4.5 with a break) or 7-hour session (8 with breaks). The questionnaire will help you get clear on your goals for the session and help us both to prepare for our time together.

The Questionnaire


Let's Chat

To make sure a Business & Systems VIP Strategy Session is right for you, let’s chat. This will help us make sure we are a good fit and also that I am able to help you with the systems or business challenges that you are looking to solve. It’s a coffee date, except there’s no coffee shop (and sometimes, even no coffee 🤦🏻‍♀️). Book yours here.


A little note: I BLOODY LOVE doing in-person strategy days and now that restrictions are lifitng I am very happy to do these and implement COVID precautions that we both feel comfortable with. I do these either in London by arrangement or in my home town of Bristol.

BOOK YOUR coffee date

*PS that's me in case you hadn't guessed 😉

7-hr (8hrs with breaks) Zoom or in-person strategy session.

Follow up email with resources and high-level actions or decisions.

28-days of follow-on support for those "I just thought ofs" and a business strategist and systems coach’s eyes* on your plans or drafts from the day.


4-hr (4.5hrs with break) Zoom or in-person strategy session.

Follow up email with resources and high-level actions or decisions.

14-days of follow-on support for those "I just thought ofs" and a business strategist and systems coach’s eyes* on your plans or drafts from the day.


A lovely coffee date so we can make sure this IS the right investment for you in your business right now.

Questionnaire to help you set your sights on what you really want, clarify your challenges and prepare for our session.

What's Included?

I am very happy for you to split a full day over two halves and, in fact, I often recommend it (#zoomfatigue). If you decide to do this, the 2nd session must be used within 3 months and is paid for in advance.

Can I split the time?

I am very happy to split the payment into two instalments at no additional cost, but these must be completed before the session takes place. If you would like to do this, please just let me know when we talk.

Do you have payment plans?

If we’re talking about tech during our time together, we will cover this. It’s such a common question and my answer is this: understanding your strategy and what kind of experience you want to create will answer this question.

Within Parfait Ventures we 100% do tech implementation but we’re not experts in all-the-tech out there (our in-house tech genie Lucy however is a superstar!). I am very happy to chat about the tech we do support and how we can help.

How do I CHOOSE MY tech?


What can we cover?

The best thing to do here is to book a coffee date with me as the places we could go with these sessions is almost endless, but let's talk about where you are and where you want to be and I’m sure that question will answer itself.

After our call and 14/28-day support period you've got several options. Tech implementation might be one option if tech is something that came out of our session. Another common option is that my clients book quarterly half-day strategy sessions which can be a cost-effective way of getting longer term support with your business and systems strategy.

And then what happens?

That's a tough one to answer and I always invite folks to book a coffee date with me to make sure this is the right direction for you. In the meantime, check out the “imagine...” section above as that should definitely help.

Is the this right for me?


Pippa is the OG Disobedient Business Strategist and Systems Coach by day and sofa-loving, Netflix-watching, PJ-wearing cat-servant by night. She helps disobedient business owners do things differently - THEIR way, chuck out the rule book and make money doing it! She does this by creating powerful business strategies, effective and achievable plans and crafting amazing client experiences through mapping 1:1 client journeys, systems strategy and implementing tech solutions. More than anything she is committed to f*cking with the business status quo and being disobedient in the best possible ways!

Let's have a virtual coffee as we're not all destined to be perfect for each other and I want to make sure I’m the right coach for you. FYI it's a bring your own coffee kinda deal.