Let's kick off with a story: It’s the story of a woman who runs her own business, let’s call her Sam. Sam is a badass, she crushes everything she does, she juggles all-the-balls, works long-ass hours, pleases all the people (all the time) and frankly could win the “highly successful human” award every day of the week.

Thing is, whose award is it and who told Sam what success was anyway?


That my friend, is Sam following one of the “how to be a successful business owner blueprints”.

I certainly didn’t start my business to burn out (again!) and follow someone else’s rules of success. I got into business (and the hell outta corporate) to do it my way and that’s what I want to help you to do too!

We’ve been taught that nothing comes easy. We’ve been shown time and again that there is one definition of success that we must strive for (one defined by old white blokes 🙄). We’ve learnt to follow the herd and do what everyone else is doing. To hold the "successful ones" up on a pedestal and we must be doing what they are doing. And yet we’re (still) surprised when it feels icky and any success we do achieve that way feels pretty damn hollow (and bloody inconsistent).

Essentially, we’ve been taught that there must be a system that we should follow to achieve someone else’s definition of success and we must work ourselves into the ground to achieve it!

and do things your way!

 Let's tear up the damn

So how do you run a business that is steeped in values-driven decision making, puts your and your clients’ humanity first, but is also strategic (A-type list-maker anyone?) and financially successful too? Well, that’s where working with a strategist and coach like me can help.

Find a way to do business on your own terms. You might’ve been in business for a year or two, but some of it’s starting to feel a bit ick and you know in your bones that there must be another way. And you want it bad enough that those bones are talking to you on the regular.

You’ve come to ditch the norms, wave “b-bye” to the society and biz expectations and tell the shoulds to shove right off. You’ve got a bit of a “militant vibe” brewing and you’re just about ready to tell the next “six figures in six minutes” programme to F*CK OFF (please and thank you)!

Ditch the cookie-cutter approaches and 10-step programmes and you’re definitely not looking for me to put you through the business coaching sausage machine (thank god cos I'm not gonna!). You want your values, your individuality, your humanity, your lived experience and well, YOU, honoured in our work together.

But I reckon you believe that too, or you wouldn’t be here. You’re here to...

I wanted to find more courage to live from a more authentic and meaningful place. I wanted to take on my true voice in my life and in my business - a process I've been working on for a few years - instead of saying what I thought everyone wanted to hear.

I never advocated for myself enough, now I'm advocating for myself A LOT. My coaching exceeded what I expected because Pippa gave me many a-has and insights into who I am and how I operate on a subconscious level in both my life and business. This was priceless.

Murielle Marie, Business & Career Coach

Create your own damn blueprint and get used to doing business your way.

Define success on your terms and in more than just cash, or likes and shares.

Foster a mutual relationship with your business including showing up for that relationship in the way that you dream people would show up for you.

Using that vision, create a clear strategy and plan to bring it to life.

Craft a really clear vision for your business, and...

Run your business aligned to your values, your business personality traits and all the ways that make you tick.


imagine if you could...







Taking action before you’re “ready” or “perfect” or having doubts are all things that will happen. These are not to be confused with being pushed to do, be and think things that trigger past traumas or fears just to get you to take action.

You already have the answers! My role as a coach is to help you draw them out, navigate the path, overcome the obstacles and help you to believe just how much of a badass you already are.

When you lead with your values, beliefs and political, social and economic views, you are the most compelling and magnetic you could be, as you are being all of you.

That same blueprint or programme could well be harmful as it ignores your lived experience, your trauma and just about everything else about you.

Nobody else’s blueprint or 10-step programme is going to guarantee you success, you have to bring yourself to your business to create your own success.

There is no set formula for success in business no matter what shiny thing “they” are waving at you to prove otherwise.

A pricing PS: I am not a fan of arriving on someone's website with all the pricing hidden as it makes me think if I waste my time talking to them, their package is going to cost the price of a new house. I'm an adult, I'm very capable of deciding what my budget is (or isn't) and me spending time talking to someone on a call isn't going to magically make that double (and if this does happen to you my friend this is 1st class manipulation cloaked in "investing in yourself" right there). So, whilst I create custom proposals for all clients you can see my half-day and one-day VIP rates here and long term coaching tends to start at GBP£350 a month and ranges up to approx £1250 depending on the frequency of calls, number of VIP days included, additional support like Voxer and various other variables (YOU being the biggest variable as it's about what support is right for YOU!).


After our call, you get to decide what next and which option works best for you. Or you may even decide to come back to me and ask if we can adapt and pivot - It’s your adventure. There’s no “you must decide on the call”, there’s no fake sense of urgency or any pushy BS. If I’ve sent you a proposal I’d love to work with you, the rest is up to you!

The Decision


We're back to the no cookie-cutter approaches, this is where I prepare a custom proposal for you. I’ll put together some options based on what we’ve discussed and you’re welcome to choose which suits you and your budget best. I work in a variety of ways with clients, both short-term VIP days and longer-term relationships (or a combo of both).

The Custom Proposal


With all potential strategy and coaching clients, I book a free “Coffee Date” for us to try each other on for size. This helps us both decide if we “vibe” and also means I can fully understand your needs and whether I am the person to help you. No long-ass forms to complete beforehand, we arrange to chat, it’s as simple as that. You can book yours here.

The Coffee Date


Right, I’m not going to mince my words here, let’s be crystal clear with each other. Usually, you’d see a whole bunch of packages here as it’s the “normal” thing for a business coach to do. Set out the problem (or pain point 🤮) that you (the potential client) are trying to solve and then attempt to squish you into some kind of magical package that will solve it for you. Ta-Da!

But here’s the thing: around here we break the business rules, we tear up the damn blueprints and we stomp all over the shoulds, so why in the name of all things effin holy, would I start doing things the way they should be done? And more importantly, why would I ask you to squeeze yourself into a yet another list of shoulds? I mean, seriously, why?!

So if you’re here looking for a package my friend, I’m afraid you’re going to have to look away now or head back to Google. If you’re looking for custom support, matched to your specific needs and you’re looking to Do Business Another Way (*hint Disobediently...), then keep reading, we're going to get on famously. Allow me to take you through the process step-by-step...

Introducing My (not) Packages

It has taken me some time to put into words just how incredible my coaching experience with Pippa was, as there is just so much I want to say!!!

I was originally drawn to Pippa’s authenticity, realness and wicked sense of humour and I was not to be disappointed as she brought all of this and so much more to our coaching. When I began coaching I wasn't really sure exactly where I wanted it to go, I just knew that I needed to dig deep to find that extra spark for my business and my life too. Pippa gently guided me towards my own inner knowing with her completely no-nonsense and delightful approach.

For the entirety of my coaching series, I felt inspired, uplifted, encouraged, held and guided. Having Pippa there to keep me accountable was just the thing that I needed to lift me out of my comfort zone and into my zone of genius. After implementing the things we had discussed during our sessions, I noticed a hugely positive impact both within my business and my personal life.

Julie Edlin, The Quintessential Midwife

You want to build a successful business, based on your definition of success, led with integrity and not sacrificing your soul on the way.

You want to take that thing and put it out into the world. We start with an idea, work through a strategy and plan + execute a whole lot of action!

Some accountability and someone to lean on and bounce ideas off in the business space would be just the thing to tip the balance. 

You’ve been running your business for maybe a couple of years and yeah it’s OK but you dream of so much more and so much bigger!

You’re full of ideas (sooo many ideas) but the strategy and turning that into action (and results) could do with a bit of help.

book my coffee date

I am the coach for you if...


Hey, I’m Pippa Parfait 👋🏼 , the OG Disobedient Business® Coach & Strategist by day and sofa-loving, Netflix-watching, PJ-wearing cat-servant by night. I help rebel business owners do things “disobediently”, chuck out the business BS rule book 🙅🏼‍♀️ and make good money doing it! I do this by supporting my clients to create integrity-packed business strategies that work for them, effective and achievable plans that don’t require them to sell their soul and human-centred systems to turn their raving 🐿 🐿 🐿 🐿 into a lush row of 🦆🦆🦆🦆. More than anything I am committed to deliberately fucking with the business status quo and being disobedient in the best possible ways!

Let's have a free virtual coffee as we're not all destined to be perfect for each other and I want to make sure I’m the right coach for you. FYI it's a bring your own coffee kinda deal.


wanna chat?