...in fact it's more than that. It fucking with the business status quo. It's being "disruptive" in the best possible ways. It's questioning all-the-damn-things that we've told we're supposed to do, say and feel and paving a different way - not just for us but for those that follow us too (FYI I kinda mean that in life too and not just business). So let's banish the "shoulds", tear up the damn blueprints and set fire to the 5-step formulae!

About me: I’m a detail-loving, headstrong, opinionated (but introverted), Bristol-living, sea-loving supporter of humans, cat mum, houseplant junkie; oh and I'm a high-achieving business strategist and systems coach.

I'm Enneagram 2w8 (+ a decent dose of 3), INFJ, The "Advocate" and my Human Design is a Manifestor. I’m also an intersectional feminist who is anti-patriarchy, anti-racist and anti any other bigoted BS that oppresses people simply due to who they are. You, my friend, are welcome here - all of you.

it’s business, but with no rules...


I work with other coaches, designers, therapists, copywriters, yoga teachers, artists, retail business owners and many more. My goal as a business coach is to support you to grow your business into your version of successful - but it's so much more than that.

I'm also a bit of a systems nerd and have a geeky love of tech. During my career I’ve led a ton of system, process and tech projects and the concept of the customer journey experience is something that I love to work with you on. Yes I love the tech, but actually I really get off spending the time and care creating a strategy for systems that is focussed on the customer experience and puts the human at the centre.


It was time to do business my way.

After the best part of two decades as a senior manager in both the corporate and public sector worlds, burning out at least twice (that I’m prepared to count), I qualified and became a certified life coach and started my business in 2016. Truthfully I’d been coaching all my corporate life, it just took me a long time to break out and use my wingwoman skills in my own business. I’d followed the "should" path for so long but one day the penny finally dropped (there’s a longer story but we’d need wine).


Cat cuddles, plant-loving, anywhere by the sea, fiddling with tech just "cos", coffee shops (my #1 work location) and everything my city of Bristol has to offer in the way of food, fun and green spaces.

On the reg...

I work a lot with my coaching clients on their personal and business values. Mine are: Audacity, Daring, Disobedience, Equality, Honesty, Integrity, Leadership, Trust and Humour.

My values...

All forms of bigotry, the BS "shoulds" in the business space, the world's seeming determination towards separateness, unfairness, people that lack integrity and reliability (bug bear) and raw tomatoes!

I stand against...

Honest conversation, standing up for what I believe in, keeping promises, being brave when scared, f*cking with the "rules", laughter as medicine and being 100% invested in the people I care about.

I stand for...


Hit rock emotional bottom after 5 yrs of repressing a whole ton of shit. Got help.


Divorced terrible human that is ex-husband. It's fair to say it wasn't amicable. At all.


Relocated to Bristol from Bournemouth. Love the culture, miss the sea.


Graduated as a life coach from BYCA, attended Inspo Day in San Francisco.


Started my biz alongside my corporate gig. Originally called "Parfait not Perfect".

Started new full-time corporate (health-damagingly stressful) role. Trained in TM.



Added Kinesiology & Bach Flower Remedies to my qualifications. Paris Inspo Day.

2021 & BEYOND

Committed to a big year, come what may. Move into centre Bristol, help more clients.


The less we say about 2020 the better, right? If I'm honest it both sucked and was 👍🏼 .

Left corporate life to go "all in" in my biz (and health reasons). Claimed my current-day niche.


What They Said


Pippa is an outstanding coach, she is a natural and her authenticity can be felt across continents!

— DEB B.

I've worked on my inner critic and boundaries at home and work, Pippa is no-nonsense and inspiring.

For the entirety of my coaching with Pippa, I felt inspired, uplifted, encouraged, held and guided.


My coaching with Pippa has opened up endless possibilities now I give myself the time and TLC I need.

Let's have a free virtual coffee as we're not all destined to be perfect for each other and I want to make sure I’m the right coach for you. FYI it's a bring your own coffee kinda deal.


wanna chat?