Peek Behind the Biz Curtains Mar ’22

Come peek with me!


I don’t know about you, but one of the things I geek out on is the behind the scenes of other peoples’ businesses. What do they spend their time actually doing, how many hours do they work, where do they spend their money, what are they working on? The mind boggles.


I also want to shoot down the BS in the business space around money, income-claim marketing – essentially the dick-measuring bollocks that is so pervasive, so I’m hoping these peeks behind the curtains posts will in some way dispel the smoke and mirrors and bring a bit of (disobedient) realness to the conversation.


I always love to hear what you think and how I can improve what I share so send me a message and let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions.



I’ve been working on…


A whole lotta client work including a fun trip to the New Forest 🌳❤️


It’s been a big ol month of client calls and sessions and even in-person coaching. I don’t get to do in-person sessions that often as #InternatonalBiz, but I just happen to have two wonderful VIP Bundle clients in the New Forest and we planned the sessions on back-to-back days. I had a wonderful overnight stay at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel and it just so happens that I used to live in the New Forest and I bloody love going back (if you’re in the UK or you visit and you haven’t been to the New Forest, you must visit as it’s truly magical).



A cool AF two-day weekend event in Summer ’22 – The Disobedient Business® Weekender 🎉🔥


Last month I did that super annoying thing of saying there was an exciting thing on the horizon and that you should care and then telling you literally nothing about it (you gotta wonder if anyone ever actually cares when arseholes like me do that right? 😂).


So I’ve decided this month to be much less of an arsehole and actually share what I was talking about and you 100% want to care about this as it is going to be LEGENDARY 😉!



Lucy and I started talking back in December about hosting a bloody brilliant and transformative weekend experience (holidays bring up all the ideas, right?).  It was another one of those “napkins in a restaurant” conversations and The Disobedient Business® Weekender was born. Great ideas always seem to come together in a matter of minutes – I’ve come to understand that’s how I know I’m on to something 😍.


We did consider an in-person event but feel that it might still be a bit soon for that and truthfully, we didn’t want to limit this cool AF thing to folks in the UK.


So, what is the Disobedient Business® Weekender?


The Weekender is a two-day virtual experience in the summer for business peeps that are fed up with the BS in the business space, big-time done with the “same old same old” – the same long-ass programmes that you never finish and are focussed 90% on their launch numbers and 10% on your transformation or experience. The same way of doing things, the pyramid scheme of “let me teach you how I went from broke to 7 figures in 10 minutes by doing exactly what I did” bollocks. The same old ideas, regurgitated in a different font, from a different person, who believes that to be successful they have to Follow The Same Old Format. Nope – we’re OVER IT!


Well, at The Disobedient Business® Co we’re here to call Bullshit on all of that and NO MORE! We know that amazing business peeps like you want something else, something different, something human-first and dare we say “disobedient”, something that liberates you from all the shoulds and emboldens you to do business any way you fucking like!


Workshops where you actually learn things and get the time and support to implement them! Talks from a-mazing humans doing a-mazing business. A focus on rest + play + fun and not only on push and growth and blah blah blah. More soon – oh soooo much more, but in the meantime get yourself on the waitlist now!!








The Lessons


1. Letting go is sometimes the answer and sometimes it’s not 🙄 🔥


I am not a machine and I cannot churn stuff out of just keep going just cos the patriarchy and capitalism got me good. Say it with me…


“I am not a machine and I cannot churn stuff out of just keep going just cos the patriarchy and capitalism got me good”


Sometimes the lesson is that you have to pick the things that matter, sometimes you have to prioritise rest and fun for both your health and your creativity and sometimes you have to just Let Shit Go. Other times you have to get your head in the game, stop procrastifaffing (protection mechanism anyone?) and just Do The Damn Thing (and they’re almost always much easier and less scary than you thought).


Which is it? Do you need to Let It Go right now or get down and Do The Thing?





2. That I might actually be a one thing at a time kinda human – who knows 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️


Oh well, this one hurts me to my VERY core as #MyWorthIsOfCourseLinkedToMyProductvityCosCapitalismGotMeGood, but it has occurred to me recently that in contrast to my 20s and 30s self, I might just be that person who needs to focus on one thing at a time and to finish it. I’ve always been a person with a whole lot of stuff on the go, cracking through The List like a demon, but in recent times I’m finding that’s actually quite stressful and I crave the focus of one project at a time (and also getting one damn thing finished 😂).


I feel like this warrants an Instagram poll but are you are multi-project 🦸🏼‍♂️ or a one-thing-at-a-time 🤓 human?




3. I am in fact a creature of habit and of routine and I do not thrive when either is fucked with 😳🫣


You might remember that last month I was excited about a new co-working space and enjoyed the first few days sitting working there. Well, this was a fun lesson and also hurts my heart to say this but nope, this was not the right decision for me. Yes the space was lovely, yes the people are v friendly but whoa did I underestimate the effect messing with my routine would have 🤯. I am a creature of habit. My stuff is where I like it to be. My music is the way I like it to be. I love the idea of working in the garden when the sun comes out (it is currently fucking snowing in the UK – in APRIL but hey, I’m hopeful).


It really did me over a goodun and I was discombobulated for 2+ weeks. I am putting it down to a fun experiment and I’m looking forward to a combo of my desk + the recliner + working in the garden, all sprinkled with the odd coffee shop visit here and there 🎉.





The Numbers


At the moment I have 4 main revenue streams in my business.


Our total income in February was £9,100.15* (this is a cash figure, not a sales figure and is broken down below in the 🥧 ). I’m going to continue to share as much about money as I can and as I feel braver and braver and less like I’m running naked down the high street! Three months in and I feel a little less 🤢 but not gonna lie, it still feels sticky. I wanted, for balance, to also add in a summary of expenditure so March’s expenses included:


*this was much higher than the previous two months as a client decided to pay in full for a 12m VIP Bundle (which I have two left of for the entirety of 2022 FYI).


Team: £799.25 (includes my OBM and workshop hosts on the mastermind)

Stripe Fees: £170.19

Rebrand project kick-off: £1050

Co-working space: £356.88 (aborted project but lesson learned and this included a refundable deposit)

Travel & subsistence: £307.85

Odds n Sods: £228.78

Online app subs: £657.10 (included the annual purchase of a new CRM/email marketing system that Lucy is implementing)

Coaching support: £456.09 (yup I signed up for a new mastermind and there’s also my ongoing WAIM subs)

Total: £4,112.05 (this is a heavy month, it’s usually more like c.£2-3k)




Instagram – 1256 (no change)

Active email subscribers – 154 (+1)



Stuff I’ve Bought


A new visual brand identity


I’ve had the same, mostly DIY’d, visual brand identity for the last 2+ years and it’s lush and I get a lot of really positive comments about it but the time has come to create some consistency, a bit of finesse and to reflect where the business has evolved to – especially the plans we have for the next few years under The Disobedient Business® Project umbrella. We’re excited to have kicked this project off with the fabulous Lucy Elliott and will share soon.




Ellie Swift’s Mastermind


I have been back and forth and back and forth again over this decision but at the 11th hour I bagged the final place to work with Ellie Swift again in her mastermind. I worked with Ellie from March to September in 2021 and she helped me tremendously during a big year of growth and I’m chuffed to have Ellie in our corner again during what will no doubt be another rollercoaster year (with maybe some of the loops taken out and not such extreme highs – aiming for a nice gentle but amazing ride! 🎉





Tech we use


Active Campaign (for sending my Sunday emails and all things CRM – and so much more!)

Teachery (the course platform that I use to host the Disobedient Business Mastermind and for future courses)

Thrivecart (for taking all payments in my business – I’ve ditched everything else)

Dama Jue’s Thrivecart Templates (just THE BEST for creating a sales page that lives in Thrivecart)

Convertbox (this whizzy tool is blowing my mind – so far I’ve used it for fab “pop-outs” on my website)

Zapier (for linking literally all the tech in my business)

ClickUp (my biz hub – everything lives here)

Voxer (for chatting with clients)

Google (I’m a Googs fan so I use all the Google Workspace tools)

Xero (for doing my accounts – I flippin love it!)

Acuity Scheduling (for any kind of online scheduling)

Showit (what this webpage you are reading is hosted on)



Life & other fun


Stuff people of a certain age do – The Pottery Edition


So I am officially That Age and I am a person that signs up for evening classes. WTAF?! So March was pottery and an interesting insight into where my brain is at is that my objective for these 5 weeks was to “make shit pottery”. I am very good at taking on a thing and then trying to excel in that thing (and also deciding that I’m going to escape to the coast and become a potter – it’s been a lifelong theme). These evening endeavours are FUN. Nothing more. A chance to sink into something creative and make something shit. Trust me I’ve succeeded 😉😂



Stuff people of a certain age do – The Garden Edition


Yep apparently I garden now too. My lovely mum came down to Bristol for a weekend and we worked our wotsits off in my little garden to do “hedge trimming” (hold your hilarious puns peeps). My lovely daughter Alice also did a superb job putting in a cool deck over some ugly gravel last week and now our little patch of heaven is looking gorg – bring on BBQ season!.




Dinner with biz pals (it def warrants the “life and fun” tag)

Last but not least we finished the month in style with a lush dinner in Bristol with one of my best biz pals Ruth Ridgeway and some other lush friends (namely my partner-in-crime Lucy, Suzi Gray and Sophie Carefull.  So damn lovely to spend time in person with online biz pals! And it’s cocktails with wonderful Disobedient Business® masterminder Ruth Parkinson tomorrow, but that’s April so that’s for another post 😉😂.



Heading into April


We have 3 main focuses for April at Disobedient Business HQ, some are more me and some are more Lucy’s domain:


  1. Launching The Disobedient Business®️ Den on April 4th – our (Lucy and I) client and pals Face community which I am really looking forward to being in community with all these awesome humans. If you’ve worked with me before and NOT had an invite (damn mail systems) please pop me a message as we’d love to welcome you in.
  2. Finalise the deets for The Disobedient Business® Weekender in the summer and start sharing the shit out of it cos it’s gonna literally be the one thing you do not want to miss in 2022!
  3. Getting ready to launch round #2 of the Disobedient Business® Mastermind which is getting a bit of a tweak, a bit of a polish and implementing lessons from round #1, but it’s pretty much my fave business thing to do so I can’t wait to see who joins us for the next round.

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