Peek Behind the Biz Curtains Feb ’22

Come peek with me!


I don’t know about you, but one of the things I geek out on is the behind the scenes of other peoples’ businesses. What do they spend their time actually doing, how many hours do they work, where do they spend their money, what are they working on? The mind boggles.


I also want to shoot down the BS in the business space around money, income-claim marketing – essentially the dick-measuring bollocks that is so pervasive, so I’m hoping these peeks behind the curtains posts will in some way dispel the smoke and mirrors and bring a bit of (disobedient) realness to the conversation.


I always love to hear what you think and how I can improve what I share so send me a message and let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions.



I’ve been working on…


Remember that cool AF live training I mentioned?


Best laid plans and all that, the timing for this didn’t go to plan cos #ShinglesGotMeGood 🤒. Annoying but the Disobedient Business Bites isn’t going anywhere and it’s my plan that the first one “Get Some Fucking Traction in Your Coaching Business” will be at the end of March. Honest!


I’m playing with the format as it might be one session or it might be over two, and I’m exploring what kind of follow up support for implementation we can include and still stay accessibly priced. If you’re not getting the traction you want in your coaching business what would you want to know/learn? Let me know…



Finally getting my act together and getting ready to launch The Disobedient Business®️ Den


This has been on the to-do list for soooo long but something else has always beaten it to the top spot – but no more! Inspired probably a year+ ago by Lizzy Goddard and Ruth Ridgegway’s “client only” groups, I have wanted to create The Disobedient Business®️ Den and now we have a launch date – 04/04/22 🎉🔥.


So what is it? The Den (for short) will be a place for any past or present disobedient clients and biz pals of mine and also of Lucy’s (my right-hand human and quite possibly soon-to-be biz partner – more on that another day). The Den isn’t attached to a specific programme, but a collection of like-minded Disobedient Business owners sharing their thoughts, journeys and ideas for brave new ways of doing business in the world. Led by Lucy and I but totally a peer group – with a huge slice of disobedience obvi! As the cool kids might say (they wouldn’t), “it’s gonna ba rad” 🤘🏼😎



The exciting thing I can’t share yet but June, whoa, JUNE is gonna be LEGENDARY


You know what? I almost didn’t share this as it drives me wild when people say that they have an exciting thing they can’t share and it drives me doubly wild when they tell me it drives them wild and then they go ahead and share it anyway 🤯😂. But we are where we are and I’m bubbling with all the kinds of excitement so I’m sharing anyways. Kinda.


So what is it? Well, I honestly can’t say buuuut, this is one of those creative ideas that smacks you around the face with a shovel when you give your brain a bit of space to breathe. It’s been percolating for maybe 6 months under the heading of “doing something completely different” alongside a real 2022 focus of mine of “let’s not just offer the same old vanilla online biz type courses that 95% of people never finish let alone implement”. And it hits both of these things right between the eyes.


What I will say is that this won’t be a solo Pippa endeavour – it’ll take a village, I am as excited about this as I was when we launched the Disobedient Business®️ Mastermind in 2021 and if you had plans for mid-June, cancel them right now as you are definitely not going to want to miss it. I honestly want to step away from my business so that I can take part!



Moira with the crows


A quick PS: Did you see me share last month about the Google Sheet that I use to do all the forecasting and financial planning in my business (alongside using Xero for my accounts)? It’s intentionally super simple and if it’s helpful it’s yours – you can grab a copy of the exact Google Sheet I use alongside my Xero here.




The Lessons


1. Rest + Play – Toxic Busynessness = Creative AF 🔥


This is my theme of 2022 and I think I mentioned last month that my word of 2022 is “moderation” – those of you that know me well will be spitting your coffee about now.  I’m in a constant state of experimentation with “good enough”, with less, not more and with finding ever more creative ways to rest, to play, to have fun – with zero potential gain or achievement attached.


This last month has included a week off where I just did fun stuff, no work and I even went away for 2 days Without. My. Laptop. That’s a first in a lonnnng time.  I started a 5-week Introduction to Pottery class (yep I’m that age) and the first class was super fun and yes as expected, I SUCK big time at pottery (this was kinda the point as it was meant too just be for fun!!).


Wanna know the fun thing and not entirely unexpected benefit? The more I rest, the more I play and the more I just BE, the better coach I am, the more amazing and life-changing ideas just drop like a floating feather into my brain and the happier I am. So I don’t reckon I”m impervious to the strive + push + burn out cycle just yet, but I’m not gonna lie – I’m loving moderation so far!





2. When you decide you want to create a life you want to lead, you actually have to create it 😳🙄


So while I haven’t been a life coach for a couple of years now, I sure as shit haven’t forgotten that handing stuff over to the universe is all well and good, but you also have to Create The Life You Want to Lead! So not only am I working with a life coach (the wonderful Sadie Tichelaar) to do exactly that, I also am in a constant state of checking in with whether I am following through with actions around my intentions. Curiously noticing-noticing-noticing the ways that the “stuff” comes up and how I jump squarely in my own way and tend to let myself down first.


This has brought a commitment to working hours and days that work for me, a new working space (more on that later), finishing when I planned to and not 2 hours later because I’m “in the middle of something” and reorganising things like booking slots for clients in Acuity to protect some days from getting too hectic and kicking my arse. It’s a learning curve for sure!




3. Is it a plane, is it a bird or is it a tipping point?  ✈️🦩💥


I’ve had a number of conversations with Lucy recently that have gone something like this:


Me: I’m not sure WTAF is going on but I have another 3 coffee dates in my calendar this week!

Lucy: That’s amazing, clearly something is working!

Me: Do you reckon that means we’ve reached some kind of tipping point? 🤷🏼‍♀️😳


Let me start by saying I’m grateful for every single person that books a coffee chat or reaches out in any way to work with me – let’s not confuse the universe about that! Historically though, coffee dates have been sporadic but the % of folks that go on to say “YES” is very high. I think the reason is that I’m kind of Marmite-y, you’ve pretty much decided if you want to work with me before you reach out. And I LOVE this, it works for me and it works for clients.


But I have had so many coffee chats recently that I’m starting to be a little bit “WTAF is going on”? Those completed and booked for March so far are all really aligned and great fits to work together so it’s not that suddenly tons of peeps are booking that would be loud “NOs” (from their part or mine). Weird.


Hence the tipping point conversation: I’ve done nothing different in my marketing. I am showing up on Instagram only on stories at the moment as “content production” isn’t speaking to me outside of emails and these blog posts. So where have all these peeps come from? It’s given me lots of pause and started me thinking about how I can continue to support peeps without going beyond my own capacity to do so (see lessons 1 + 2 above). Not sure this is a lesson yet but it sure feels like the start of one that’s coming. I’ll report back…






The Numbers


At the moment I have 4 main revenue streams in my business.


The total income in February was £6,633.93 (this is a cash figure, not a sales figure and is broken down below in the 🥧 ). I’m going to continue to share as much about money as I can and as I feel braver and braver and less like I’m running naked down the high street! I wanted, for balance, to also add in a summary of expenditure so February’s expenses included:


Team: £875 (includes my OBM and workshop hosts on the mastermind)

Stripe Fees: £135.35

Donation to Wave Project: £150

Odds n Sods: £85.91

Online app subs: £48.10 (usually a lot higher but I’m currently annualising everything and didn’t buy anything this month)

Coaching support: £75.19 (usually be a lot higher, but I’m not working 1-2-1 with someone right now – I plan to come spring)

Total: £1369.55 (this is a pretty light month, it’s usually more like c.£2k)


How do these expenses compare to what you would expect? Are you surprised by how high or how low they are? I’m curious…


I do want to acknowledge something in an entirely non-braggy way. That is to celebrate both me and Lucy in how far we’ve brought the business in the last 18m. This was our biggest cash (and sales) month yet. No, it doesn’t make us a 6 or 7 figure business (🙄) but the distance we’ve travelled is huge and the 2022 horizon looks amazing. So, I’m celebrating us hard!


Instagram – 1256 (up frorm 1252 😂)

Active email subscribers – 153 (no change)



Stuff I’ve Bought


Active Campaign


In the last few months, so many of the conversations that Lucy and I have had have been around getting the tech we use to work better, be more streamlined and just create ways for it to make life EASIER! I’ve been a very proud Flodesk customer since not long after they started and as email marketing platforms go, it’s easy to use and you can create gorgeous looking emails.


And at the same time, it is true to say that many of those conversations with Lucy end with us getting frustrated that Flodesk can’t do this or it can’t do that. Another frustration is the half-arsed CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems we have in the business. Having departed Dubsado (🤯) in 2021, this temporarily lives in ClickUp and it’s just not the tool for the job.


So I strapped on my big pants and we dove in. Lucy has experience of using Active Campaign and I have handed this over to them entirely – it’s the first project in the business thus far that I didn’t start “way back when” and I know it’s going to be amazing 🔥!




The Cigar Factory Coworking Space


This is an exciting one for me personally – I signed a flexi agreement on a coworking space so I can spend some time working away from home being with ACTUAL REAL LIFE HUMANS in a room. I’m a card-carrying introvert but I also miss the vibe of people being around – especially creative folks.


I’ve found this fab place which is about a 45m walk from where I live that is full-on creative folk (in fact that’s kind of an entry requirement). So not only can I decamp and work from somewhere that isn’t a coffee shop, but I can also get a fab walk in to start my day. Result!






Tech I use


Active Campaign (for sending my Sunday emails and all things CRM – and so much more!)

Teachery (the course platform that I use to host the Disobedient Business Mastermind and for future courses)

Thrivecart (for taking all payments in my business – I’ve ditched everything else)

Dama Jue’s Thrivecart Templates (just THE BEST for creating a sales page that lives in Thrivecart)

Convertbox (this whizzy tool is blowing my mind – so far I’ve used it for fab “pop-outs” on my website)

Zapier (for linking literally all the tech in my business)

ClickUp (my biz hub – everything lives here)

Voxer (for chatting with clients)

Google (I’m a Googs fan so I use all the Google Workspace tools)

Xero (for doing my accounts – I flippin love it!)

Acuity Scheduling (for any kind of online scheduling)

Showit (what this webpage you are reading is hosted on)



Life & other fun





I took a week off. It was awesome. I spent two days in Cornwall at the Eden Project and at the Carlyon Spa Hotel. Both awesome. I spent a couple of days with Lucy doing fun stuff and yep, we both had so many creative ideas – a huuuge one that might see us join forces in 2023! Watch this space.




Getting out into the world – feels SO good


Previous client and wonderful pal Elle found herself in Bristol so we did brunch (with the lovely almost 1 whole years of age Silas too). We also did a lovely walk around Bristol Harbour and spent the afternoon together. Wonderful. Lucy and I went to see the comedian Sindhu Vee gig in Bristol – fantastic! ANd a dinner out locally with the TotalBossBabes (the names of our WhatsApp group) – essentially 3 other phenomenal women who I love and adore.



Heading into March


We have 4 main focuses for March at Disobedient Business HQ, some are more me and some are more Lucy’s domain:


  1. Delivering Disobedient Business Bites – “Get Some Fucking Traction in Your Coaching Business” and creating an amazing learning experience for the folks that sign up. Tentatively pencilled for the last week in March.
  2. Properly establishing my “credit” offer which I set up last year for folks buying things through affiliate links etc, but want to make sure this is all in place and the systems needed to back it up are 👌🏼. This is a Lucy project.
  3. Getting ready to launch my “client & biz pals” group – The Disobedient Business®️ Den ready for the start of April (4th).
  4. Start the ball rolling and confirm the outline of the secret squirrel June project ready to launch in May.

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