Do you want to live a nourished and contented life, full of freedom, courage and strength right now, rather than when “XYZ” has happened?

Welcome lovely, I can help you do just that!

What I do

I help you to lead your very “best life”, where you’re at right now. Not in 20 pounds time, not when someone else says it’s OK and not when you’ve found that partner of your dreams (or anything else you’re waiting for!).

And we’re not talking about the social media hashtag kind of “best life”, but in a real way that is 100% YOU my friend! Wherever you are in your life now, is where we’ll start, and we’ll go from there.

Whether you’re going back to work after a break or you’re going through a tough time and need some support. Whether you need more energy and want to stop collapsing on the sofa every night or if life has become routine. My approach is specific to you and based on what your body and your unconscious mind is telling us. Using muscle testing, some talking and a sprinkle of magic, we’ll get to the heart of it.


Have you landed here and you were looking for my international coaching business website and not my UK-based wellness practice? My coaching website has moved and has undergone a transformation from Pippa Parfait Coaching & Mentoring to “The Home of Belonging”. I’d love to see you over there – come and say hello below!


I’m an Integrative Wellness Practitioner and I practice in the beautiful Cotswold market town of Minchinhampton (near Stroud).

When I was younger I kicked against any “alternative” wellness approaches and would happily consume my body weight in paracetamol to fix a headache or “push through” and keep going, when I really needed rest or something else. I’ve come to understand and appreciate the wide range of healing modalities that exist and that is where my work comes in.

It may be that like me, you feel that things like Flower Remedies and Kinesiology are a bit “out there”, but I challenge you to keep an open mind and read on.


 Well as different as we are as humans, is as varied as the things that I end up working on with clients. I’ve included a few examples below, but if you want to know more, send me a message below and we’ll arrange to chat.

Everyday stress

We all have it, but at times we’re not as good at managing it, and stress starts to creep (or gallop) into our overall health and wellbeing.

Self-Care & Spirituality

Self-care is more than bubble baths and annual massages! How well do you put yourself first and are you nurturing your “houseplant self”?

Creativity & Play

Blimey, grownups can be BOR-ing! Finding time for creativity and play is essential in overall wellness and one of the best stress tools ever!

Food & Nutrition

Definitely not a meal plan or a diet anywhere here. What does your body need and how can you nourish it? Muscle testing helps a lot here.

Career & Business

It might be decision making, stress-inducing or just plain sh%t! The work we do matters, is yours filling you up and not tearing you down?

Rest & Movement

We need to rest, we need to move. Are you getting enough rest? Are you moving in a way that restores your body rather than exhausts it?


Over the last 5-10 years, I have trained in several types of wellness and personal development practice and I blend all of these approaches in my work with clients. No two sessions are ever the same – no two humans are the same after all, but the aim is always the same:

 to find what works for YOU, not some off-the-shelf solution.

Click on + symbols to read more about the approaches that I use in my work.

Life Coaching

I trained as a life coach in 2016 with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. As a coach my work is constantly evolving as I learn and develop my skills and knowledge, but I arrived at some pretty big decisions in 2018; to focus my work on belonging, particularly belonging first to yourself, before you look to belong to any person, place or situation.

Belonging is such a huge part of our lives and so many of us, don’t feel like we belong in some way. We spend a lot of time and energy, contorting or censoring ourselves to fit what our family, friends, workplace, culture or society say we should be. Or what we believe they say we should be. I weave elements of my coaching work on belonging into my work with integrative wellness clients, depending on individual clients’ needs.


Since 2013 I have worked with Biofeedback, a form of non-invasive muscle resistance “testing”, as a way to access the innate knowledge that lives in your body, or your subconscious mind, to find your best ways to move, eat and live. Originally through working with my own personal trainer Gareth Keeping, I have used Biofeedback in many ways over the years. From a means to laser-focus exactly how, when and where to work specific muscle groups in personal training, to identifying what my body needs in terms of nutrition and care. From helping to find my path and purpose in life, to deciding whether to accept a specific social invitation. And so much more.

It’s an incredible way to cut through the noise, the years of learned behaviours and wonky beliefs and get to what we really want or need. It has revolutionised my life in so many ways.



I trained as a Kinesiologist in 2017 and completed my Foundation certificate in Systematic Kinesiology in Bristol. I learned so much about the body, emotional support and energetic systems from my training and I am also a registered Associate member of ASK (the Association of Systematic Kinesiology), but I do not practice specifically as a Kinesiology Practitioner.

It’s not because I don’t value Kinesiology as a therapy, not at all – I believe it is very powerful. The reason is that I believe I can best serve my clients by integrating all of my qualifications, knowledge, experience and skills into an “integrative” or blended approach. That way I can adapt my approach to individual clients.

In case you haven’t heard of Kinesiology before, I like to describe it like this: it’s non-invasive muscle testing that is used as a type of “body language” to pinpoint imbalances in the body. It looks at the whole person and what is affecting their health and wellbeing, such as emotional, chemical (possible food sensitivities or nutrient imbalances), physical and energetic factors. Remedies that can be used include: lymphatic massage, meridian tracing, and nutritional support through food elimination and/or supplements.

Bach Flower Remedies


Bach Flower Remedies (pronounced “batch”, not like the famous composer – who knew?!), work gently to support our emotional states and help us return to balance. You may know the remedies via the most famous one, the “Rescue Remedy”, which is actually a blend of 5 of the 38 individual remedies.

I was so fascinated by the power of our emotions to directly impact our physical bodies during my kinesiology training, that I went on to train at the Bach Centre in Oxfordshire, UK, where Dr Edward Bach, the bacteriologist and homeopath who developed the remedies, completed much of his life’s work, before dying in 1936.

As a result of a session with a client, I may identify up to 7 individual remedies that can support their underlying emotional states. The client is supplied with a bespoke mixed remedy bottle that will last up to 2/3 weeks. The remedies are taken 4 times a day in a drink and totally safe for all folks and taste of nothing at all.

A Little Sprinkle of Magic

This one is trickier to explain. I’m not talking about Harry Potter kind of magic here, I’m talking about that unique little something magical that each of us can bring to the table.

I bring my own unique brand of magic to sessions with clients, it comes from my life experience, a huge dose of empathy for my fellow humans, a shed load of humour and if I’m honest, usually a touch of cursing here and there.



Here’s the long and short of it: I’m Pippa and I’m an Integrative Wellness Practitioner.

My integrative approach combines a number of “wellness” approaches, tailored to each individual client and is based around talking and “testing” of your body and unconscious mind

My practice is in Minchinhampton nr. Stroud in the UK. We can work on many areas of your life, work, wellbeing and health together.

You can book your first introductory session here.


What happens in a session and how does it work?

Sessions are very similar to traditional talking therapies, inasmuch as we will meet for up to 50 minutes and talk about what’s going on in your life.

Depending on what we focus on, we will spend a fair bit of time talking, you might hop on the bench to do some muscle testing (this is just applying gentle pressure to an arm or a leg to see how it resists), we could find some Bach remedies or nutrition/supplements that could help support you, or possibly do some gentle lymph massage or meridian tracing.
Sessions are led by you and what your mind, body and unconscious mind are telling us. You will get a questionnaire (by email) beforehand to reflect on where you’re at, which allows us to make best use our time together.

Important: I am neither a psychologist, counsellor or nutritionist and if you or I feel that additional support of this kind might needed, I am committed to highlighting this to you and can help you to find a suitable person to support you if you would like me to. You should consult your GP before making any significant changes that come out of your testing, particularly if you have any known physical or mental health conditions or are taking medication. I believe that any alternative wellness practices work hand-in-hand with traditional medicine and such, neither should be discounted.

Why should I come to you for support?

That is a very good question and if I’m honest the answer is you shouldn’t unless you feel really called to. I feel that when you work with a practitioner of any kind, it is a really personal decision.

The best way to decide is to either book an introductory session to get a taste of working together or drop me a note below and we can have a chat before you book.

Do you do sessions remotely or do I have to see you in person?

My practice is very much an in-person experience. Once we have been working together for some time, it might be possible to conduct some sessions via phone or Skype, but I would say that 80% would likely be in person.

How can I pay for sessions?

Most clients book and pay for their sessions online at the links above where you will be invited to pay via PayPal. You don’t have to have to have a PayPal account, you can checkout as a guest with a card.

For clients that would rather pay me on the day, this can be set up and payment can be made in person by cash or debit card. Please contact me below to arrange this.

Do I have to pay for anything extra on top of your fee?

Should they come up in our session, a bespoke mixed bottle of Bach Flower Remedies is included in my fee and will be supplied on the day. The bottle will last you 2-3 weeks. If your testing heads in a food and nutrition direction, any supplements or food items that you might want to purchase are obviously excluded.

How often do I come to see you?

This is one of those “how long is a piece of string” questions. That being said, I sometimes see clients once a week, but typically most book in every 2-4 weeks, initially more frequently and then gradually dropping back to every four weeks is fairly typical.

Should I wear anything in particular?

To be honest, not really. If you need to hop on the bench it is worth wearing something comfortable (probably not a skirt and heels), but otherwise just what you would usually wear.

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