Welcome Disobedient Business Owner!

Screw the blueprints, the 10-step programmes and all the “shoulds” in the business world! Most were invented by old white guys anyway *eyebrow raise* and they require you to be and do things that are just not you. It’s YOUR business and you get to do it YOUR way.

Let's break some "rules" and get started!


(what other way is there?)

Hey, I'm Pippa Parfait, UK-based Business Coach & Systems strategist For Disobedient Business Owners

Hey *waves*! I’m Pippa and I’m so over being told that we should do this or just follow that blueprint. F*ck that! I help disobedient business owners find their OWN way and craft the client experience of dreams for their ideal clients. Let’s write your own damn business and tech blueprint!

What kind of rule-breaker are you? Just how disobedient are we talking? Take my fun quiz to find out.

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Business Coaching

This isn't the place to go looking for pretty packages containing (yet more) blueprints and promises of transformation, that fit into a nice neat way of being in the world. This is the button to click if you want to run YOUR business YOUR way and be successful showing up as the full you, both in and for your business.

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Systems & Tech for Small Biz

You're a service-based business owner and you know you want the systems and processes in your business to be slicker, easier and dammit, you want it all to make sense. This is the place to get started with systems strategy, wrestle those processes into line and get mapping your client and community journeys.

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What They Said


Pippa is an outstanding coach, she is a natural and her authenticity can be felt across continents!

— DEB B.

I've worked on my inner critic and boundaries at home and work, Pippa is no-nonsense and inspiring.

For the entirety of my coaching with Pippa, I felt inspired, uplifted, encouraged, held and guided.


My coaching with Pippa has opened up endless possibilitieS, now I give myself the time and TLC I need.


Certified business coach and systems strategist by day and a sofa-loving, Netflix-watching, PJ-wearing human by night. I help disobedient business owners chuck out all the damn blueprints of how to run their businesses, find their own way and make money doing it! I also help craft amazing client experiences through mapping 1:1 client journeys, systems strategy and leveraging tech solutions. PS we're a #ShouldFreeZone over here. 

Let's have a virtual coffee as we're not all destined to be perfect for each other and I want to make sure I’m the right coach for you. FYI it's a bring your own coffee kinda deal.