Hi there, I'm Pippa

I help women who are done bending themselves into society's norms and expectations, tear up the damn blueprint and create their own!

My Favourite Self-Coaching Questions

Five powerful and courageous questions that I use all the time with my clients. They will help you start to untangle your Human Pretzel and cultivate the courage to bring all of you to the table in your life or business.

My mission is a simple one: I plan to help thousands of courageous rebels untangle their Human Pretzel and build a home of belonging within themselves and their businesses.

We’ve been taught to be Human Pretzels, twisting ourselves into every possible shape to fit in. Conforming to the expectations of others, for their comfort and for us to feel a sense of belonging. But this isn’t real belonging! This isn't the real you!

Real belonging is being courageous enough to bring all of you every day, no matter what, where and who with. It’s not having your belonging held to ransom by other people’s willingness or ability to accept you as you are. It’s building a home of belonging within yourself and I’d love to help you do just that!

Kick-ass life & business coach, queen of wit, mistress of mid-life & cat servant. 

Wanna know more?

Unpretzel Your Life is my signature coaching programme for individuals. Based around the 6 Building Blocks of Belonging, this is deep and transformative work that will get to the heart of YOU and cultivate the courage to live your life your way. It's time to come home to yourself my friend.

We can work together in two ways...


Unpretzel Your Business is my signature coaching programme for small business owners. Our work together will help you to cultivate the courage to show up in your business (and the world) as the whole you, to best serve your customers, while honouring yourself and your sovereign life.

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PIPPA IS an outstanding coacH, SHE IS a natural and HER authenticity can be felt across continents!

— DEB B.

I'VE workED on my inner critic and boundaries at home and work, PIPPA IS no-NONsense and inspirING.

For the entirety of my coaching WITH PIPPA, I felt inspired, uplifted, encouraged, held and guided.


my coaching WITH PIPPA has opened up endless possibilitieS, Now I give myself the time and TLC I NEED.


Let's face it, we're not all destined to be perfect fits for each other - let's jump on a call and make sure we belong together!

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